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Stay up to date on the latest challenges facing CPD professionals in this ever-changing environment with the Alliance Learning Labs. This series of webinars is designed to keep you informed on the most innovative ideas and best practices to implement in your organization.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Eastern

Ignite Showcase

Rapid-fire sessions on the most pressing challenges and innovative opportunities in the CPD environment. Sessions Include:

How Much does it Cost to Increase Target Learner Knowledge and Competence by One Percentage Point, and Should I Care?

Derek Dietze, MA, FACEhp, CHCP, President, Metrics for Learning, LLC

To understand and optimize the cost-efficiency of CEHP, should we be calculating cost per target learner per percent increase in knowledge and competence? See some real-world examples across activity formats and decide for yourself if this can be of help to you and your organization.

One Page Elevator Speech

Dustin Ensign, CHCP, Director, Medical Education, GRAIL, Inc

Some commercial supports may have limited time to review a full proposal and even less time to build advocacy with review committees. Would a one-page highlights sheet effectively convey the strength of a small or large scale educational program? In the age of limited time, what might a commercial supporter view as critical information and how can it be put into a single slide? 

Building a Grassroots Strategy to Engage Community-Based HCPs: Lessons from Recent Election Cycles

Phil Talamo, CHCP, President, Physicians' Education Resource (PER)

When looking at recent election cycles and the impact of various political-campaign-style efforts, there are many parallels that can be drawn between traditional and modern “Grassroots Strategies” that build regional communities. These strategies often create a deep connection within a defined target audience by identifying challenges, proposing solutions, and rapidly expanding reach and participation. This session will start a non-partisan conversation on lessons that can be learned from recent election cycles, and how they can better engage HCPs at the community level for more impactful CME.   

3 Pillars to a Successful Learner Experience in Live-Virtual Conferences

Allison Moran, MBA, Vice-President, Digital Products, Pri-Med 

Every function of a virtual conference impacts the learner experience which relies upon three pillars: learner acquisition, timely content, and user experience. We will share tips and tricks learned from presenting > 30 live-streaming virtual conferences (ranging from a few sessions to 3 days) that have resulted in an increased number of learners returning for more education, as well as more engaged learners. Lessons learned will touch on topics including pre-activity communications (including ease of joining a learning activity), the value of engaging moderators, and how quick and timely customer support keeps learners focused on the education. 

Excellence in Interprofessional Education 

Bina George-Figueroa, MS, CHCP, FACEhp, Director of Accreditation, Medical Learning Institute, Inc. 

This session will highlight strategies used to design Interprofessional activities by the team for the team.  Participants will be able to apply these methodologies in their organizations for successful implementation. 

Exceptional Care, Exceptional Performance The Continuing Medical Education Program's Impact on Quality and Performance Improvement 

Nikki Hatfield, MBA, CME, Manager, CME Operations, Mercy Health 

This presentation highlights the human and financial expense of poor patient quality and safety and the opportunity CME programs have to mitigate that impact.  The slides illustrate best practices successful CME programs utilize to engage providers and align educational activities with organizational goals in a joint effort to improve quality and safety through ongoing education and performance improvement through a variety of platforms.

Sustaining Medically Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder: Expert Perspectives From a Multidisciplinary Care Team 

Angie Ladas, VP, Educational Strategy & Collaborative Partnerships, Haymarket Medical Education
Jill Rovitzky Black, Senior Director, Grant and Content Developer  

Educating the full range of individuals involved in OUD treatment, regardless of specific profession or place in a hierarchy, is critical because of the interrelated roles all play in providing well-balanced medication-assisted treatment that includes psychosocial/behavioral therapy in combination with pharmacotherapy, accompanied by patient education and shared decision-making that support safe and effective initiating of treatment and adherence to therapy.  To achieve that educational goal, Haymarket Medical Education created a learning community of like-minded professionals via an integrated series of 4 on-demand myCME™ Town Wall webcasts, a highly cost effective panoramic educational platform. Each Town Wall activity was individually certified for credit for the full addiction care team, including physicians, NPs, PAs, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, and counselors—with an expert faculty panel representing each of these stakeholder groups, who approach addiction care from complementary perspectives. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Eastern

Excel Basics: Achieving CPD Planning Needs Around Data and Calculations

Speakers: Anne Perch, MBA, CHCP, Senior Associate Director, Baylor College of Medicine; Kaylinh Ly, M.P.H., Lead Coordinator, Project Management, Baylor College of Medicine

This session will demonstrate how Microsoft Excel may be used to accomplish two common needs in CE programs – the collection and management of data, and the creation and utilization of Excel formulas for budget development. Sample spreadsheets will be provided. Participants are encouraged to download the spreadsheets before the session and follow along for real-time training.

At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:

- Collate and sort CE program data such as activities or learners

- Utilize Excel formulas for budget development purposes

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 

1:00 pm - 1:45 pm Eastern

Quality First for CPD: Alliance Curriculum Domains and What We Can Learn from the Academic World

Speakers: Elizabeth Franklin, PhD, CHCP, Associate Professor Doctor of Health Administration, University of Mississippi Medical Center

The Quality Matters™ Standards for excellence in online academic education align very closely with our Alliance National Learning Competencies (NLC) and Educating the Educator Curriculum. And now that most of our CE is conducted remotely, the similarities with and goals of academic online coursework are more comparable than ever with what we do every day. This session will explore practical ways and demo free or inexpensive tools to enhance our CPD offerings that borrow principles which online courses and online academic programs are required to evidence during this time when in-person instruction is rare.  We can learn a lot from each other!