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Application Process

COVID-19 Updates

In-person Exams

Please visit the Prometric website for updates regarding testing center closures and reopenings.

Remote Testing

The Alliance is now offering remote testing. Candidates can select this option during the exam registration process. 

Testing Periods

CHCP Certification Exam
Cost: $450
March 13 - 30 Registration open through February 28
June 13-30 Registration open through May 31
September 13-30 Registration open through August 31
December 1-31 Registration open through November 30

Application Process

First Step: Eligibility

Download, complete, and submit the appropriate Eligibility Form below to the Alliance via email at acehp@acehp.org. Please allow sufficient time for the review process (two to three weeks). You will be notified once your worksheet is approved.


In order to sit for the CHCP Certification exam, candidates must document at least 18 Education and Experience Points*. You have one year from your approval date to take the CHCP examination.

Instructions CHCP Eligibility Worksheet Performance Scenarios

*Candidates applying to take the CHCP exam must strive for at least 10 points of eligibility, distributed as indicated on the Eligibility Worksheet.  However, the Commission realizes that access to opportunities for points in the engagement and experience section of the Worksheet may not be equally available to all applicants.  Therefore, candidates who submit a completed Eligibility Worksheet but lack .5 points or less in the engagement and experience section may be notified by email by Alliance staff of the opportunity to complete scenarios to make up the missing fraction of a point. Upon review of the Eligibility Worksheet, candidates must be recommended by the review committee as otherwise eligible and likely to succeed on the exam to qualify for this opportunity. No more than 2 scenarios (.5 point) will be allowed under this option.

Second Step: Application 

  • If you are qualified and approved to sit for the exam, you will receive an email with a link to the initial application and payment process. 
  • Complete the Application Form using the link provided to access the testing site. You will receive a confirmation number, user ID, and password.
  • When your Application is complete, you will be able to view the Registration Screen and choose the location, time and date to take the exam.

Third Step: Registration

  • Once on the Registration Screen, click "Exam Registration" and select CHCP. You will be asked to enter your confirmation number, user ID, and password. From here, please choose a location, time and date to take the exam.

Testing Locations

The CHCP and Healthcare CPD Associate Certificate examinations are a computer-based test (CBT). The examination will be offered at more than 200 sites throughout the United States and Canada during four testing periods each year. Candidates also have the option of taking the exam remotely and can select this option during the exam registration process. For locations of testing sites go to the Testing Site Map.

Reporting Exam Results

Most candidates will receive notification of their pass/fail status as soon as they have completed the computer-based exam at the testing center. Electronic scoring is instantaneous; the results will be printed by the exam proctor and given to the candidate on site. A list of all successful candidates will be posted on Alliance's National Registry after each test administration.