State & Regional Organizations

State & Regional Organizations (SROs)

Just as healthcare is shaped in part by local influences, so is healthcare continuing professional development (CPD) affected by issues at the local, state, and regional levels. These factors include the types and distribution of healthcare providers in a particular region, their educational needs and preferences, the local availability of continuing educational resources, and each state’s own legal, regulatory, and licensure requirements for continuing education.

State and Regional Organizations (SRO) provide healthcare CPD professionals the opportunity to stay informed at their local levels.

SRO Locator 

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Form Your Own SRO

Why form a SRO?

To enhance the quality of CPD, continuing healthcare professional educators have formed state and regional organizations (SROs) to provide local opportunities for education, networking, and career development.

Who belongs to a SRO?

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of many individuals, SROs have grown to include hundreds of continuing healthcare professional educators. SRO members represent hospitals, health systems, medical schools, medical education companies and more. Job responsibilities of SRO members range from directors, managers, coordinators, to entry level educational staff. 

What does a SRO do?

SROs present local educational meetings, provide networking opportunities, offer mentoring programs, tools and resources, conduct research, and other important information. While addressing issues and delivering services of interest, SROs may work closely with state medical societies and local politicians to incorporate relevant state content.

What is the structure of a SRO?

Administrative structure and constituent demographics vary from one SRO to another. Before joining understand how your local SRO is structured. 

However they are structured, SROs share a commitment to education, collaboration, and professional growth. SROs provide the opportunity to advance grass roots level knowledge and connections.

Alliance would like to know more about your SRO or if you are interested in starting one Click here to send us information about your SRO, how it got started; how it's organized; how it provides value to its constituents.

Would You Share?

Alliance is looking to post sample documents used by SROs in order to support SRO development. 

• By-laws
• Organizational model
• Membership application
• Committee job description
• Other sample documents you consider important

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