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2020 - 2022 Strategic Plan

The Alliance strategic planning prepares the organization and the Continuing Professional Development Profession to achieve goals and set objectives to negotiate our changing environment. Our strategic plan is a living document. It is systematically reviewed to ensure relevancy and value to the professional and the profession. Input during the strategic planning process is gathered from members, leadership, colleagues, and the board of directors. 

Strategic Goal 1: ENGAGEMENT

Drive membership by developing meaningful, relevant experiences based on needs

Objective 1.1 Through comprehensive analysis and research, prioritize target audiences and compelling messages to define our engagement strategy to promote, grow and sustain membership

Objective 1.2 Develop brand value, articulate the brand promise and advance our awareness campaign      

Objective 1.3 Establish the Alliance as the principal advocate for the profession and position as the primary network of continuing education professionals who learn from and with each other


Facilitate achievement of Core and Specialized Competencies  

Objective 2.1  Develop a road map for a  career and a step-wise pathway for growth of continuing education professionals based on the Alliance’s Educating the Educator Curriculum and National Learning Competencies to foster growth and skills advancement by incorporating elements into every learning experience

Objective 2.2 Deliver state of the art learning portfolio, while continuously evaluating successes and value

Objective 2.3 Establish the Certified Healthcare Continuing Professional (CHCP) examination as a validation of professional skills and knowledge and expand the scope of the CHCP examination to align with the Alliance Educating the Educator Curriculum

Objective 2.4 Establish the Alliance as a resource for optimizing career performance by providing the necessary tools and resources for the members


Convene and build the community that advances the profession

Objective 3.1 Establish the Alliance as “The Convener” of stakeholders and influencers in the community to establish and promote the profession and its value with a vision towards the future

Objective 3.2 Establish strategic partnerships for results-oriented outreach and collaboration in the state, regional, national, and global communities

Objective 3.3 Establish the Alliance Educating the Educator Curriculum as the primary resource, tool and framework for continuous learning and improvement within the communities through strategic partnerships

BOD approved 11/13/2018; reviewed & revised 9/18/2019

Your Board of Directors welcomes your feedback and invites you to email them at acehp@acehp.org.