Alanna Kaiser Position Statement

I am deeply enthusiastic about the prospect of contributing to the leadership and strategic direction of ACEhp on the Board of Directors. Having been an engaged and committed member for several years, the opportunity to take on a more active role within the organization is not only a personal aspiration but also a chance for me to give back to a community that has been an unwavering pillar throughout my professional journey.

By embracing this opportunity to volunteer, my primary objective is to reciprocate the invaluable support and guidance that the Alliance has given me. Drawing from my aptitude for meticulous organization, an inherent inclination to immerse myself in new industry trends, and an enthusiasm for advancing adult learning and education, I aspire to contribute in ways that align with the Alliance's mission and vision.

I am particularly keen on lending a fresh and youthful perspective. Despite amassing a decade of experience within the industry, I identify as a Millennial, and thus, I believe I can effectively bridge the generational gap and inject a contemporary viewpoint into our collective undertakings. My eagerness to introduce innovative ideas and strategies is bolstered by my awareness of the evolving landscape, where technological advancements and shifting paradigms continually reshape the professional terrain.

In my experience within medical associations, I recognized the need for a strategic realignment to adapt to evolving learner and technology needs at my current organization and spearheaded the implementation of a new taxonomy that touched upon multiple facets, including educational formats, new technologies, and personnel roles. This endeavor required a deft understanding of change management principles to mitigate resistance, facilitate buy-in, and ensure seamless transition. Additionally, while adding multiple educational formats, I ensured that the activities were accessible and engaging for all participants. This required me to adeptly integrate adult learning principles, accommodating different learning styles and preferences. The project's success showcased my ability to harmonize adult learning methodologies with interprofessional collaboration, two critical componentsof the Director position.

Additionally, I have previously held the position of director-at-large at the Illinois Alliance for CME. During my tenure, I actively participated in an initiative aimed at enhancing our organization's online presence. This endeavor encompassed initiatives such as website modernization for improved ease-of- use, rejuvenation and upkeep of social media platforms, and collaborative efforts with fellow board members to define a new logo that more closely aligned with the organization's strategic direction.

In essence, my desire to serve on the Board of Directors stems from a profound appreciation for the strides this organization has facilitated in my career trajectory. With unwavering enthusiasm and profound respect for the Alliance's ethos, I would be honored to be selected as a Director of the ACEhp, with the sincere hope of shaping a future that elevates both the organization and the professionals it serves. I envision a collaborative journey where my experiences and perspectives converge with the collective wisdom of the Board to steer the organization toward continued growth and impact.