Caroline Pardo Position Statement

I have been a member of the Alliance for more than a decade. Within the Alliance, I have furthered my professional development including being awarded the FACEHP designation as well as the CHCP certfication. Across my career, the Alliance has served as a key resource for professional networking, resources, and learning and development. I seek to serve as a member of the Board of Directors for the Alliance to serve the organization that has fostered my own professional growth.

I’ve seen as well as have contributed to the Alliance’s function in advancing important agendas, including raising the community’s understanding of the capacity of healthcare education to improve quality of care and patient outcomes as well as advancing important dialogues on learning design, educational outcomes, and most recently, the importance of ensuring our Alliance community is one that gives service to closing equity, access, and disparities gaps.

I am committed to applying my experience, expertise and, importantly, grit and energy, to support the Alliance in securing and advancing the organization to meet the contemporary and emerging needs of the professionals in our community. Fundamentally, the Alliance is the professional home of our health professions education community. As such, we have a call to raise important conversation and advance skills and action among our community in areas critical to our profession. The Alliance is and should be the home of critical discourse that progresses our profession and serves to unite and build up our community. We have experienced and energetic professionals in our community who are eager to engage in needed conversations and, as a result, to put plans into action. I have led conversations on the power of CME/CE to improve healthcare teams’ practice and outcomes and the future of CPD. We are a community of doers and of professionals who care deeply about the potential of healthcare education to improve patient care, healthcare professionals’ quality of care and quality of life, and advance a healthier society.

The Alliance, as our professional home, is the premier organization that should give rise to these dialogues and actions. As a Board member, I will encourage initiatives and policies that support and provide forums for advancing critical and forward-focused planning, the generation and sharing of evidence of the impact of continuing medical education, and alignment on the value of education as a fundamental intervention to improve healthcare and patient outcomes. In short, I will ensure the Alliance is the home for our community to learn, share, seek, and support.

Within our community there are mentors with depth and breadth of experience and expertise to share and support those growing in their careers and skills. Our Alliance community should be the first, and importantly, the most valuable source for our professionals in CPD. I seek to be a Board member to advocate for and within the Alliance, to continue to grow toward this aspirational vision, in practical and realistic steps, to the benefit of our membership and the healthcare professionals we serve.