Maria Deutsch Position Statement

Education has always been a passion of mine. From the time I won the 3rd grade spelling bee contest to placing 2nd runner up in the 8th grade science fair, my desire for learning has grown. My love for math and science led me to a career as a pharmacist and this profession comes along with the need for lifelong learning. From satisfying the required bi-annual continuing education credits to keeping up with data releases and new drug approvals, I must stay current and knowledgeable to do my job well. So, when I started working in the IME space 10 years ago, I realized I had found my passion. For this reason, I am very interested in becoming a member of the Alliance Board of Directors. I would like to learn from leaders in the Alliance and further develop my skills and broaden my knowledge of continuing education.

Working in the pharmaceutical industry for over 17 years has allowed me to build and strengthen my skills in leadership and change management. I have led teams during company and drug acquisitions, and during new drug launches. When acquiring new companies/drug products, I learned to have an open mind set and be able to work in a changing environment. You must be able to pivot and create new ways of working as well as support your team and keep them engaged. Launching new drug products to the market requires team collaboration, strong leadership and working across business units. You must be strategic and align your
team’s goals with business needs. I use these experiences as a leader in my current team.

As a board member, I will be able to share my interprofessional experiences that I have gained. As the IME Oncology Director at Bristol Myers Squibb, one of my responsibilities is engaging and collaborating with matrix team partners. At matrix meetings, I share IME outcomes and show how our supported programs made positive impacts on HCP knowledge, behavior and ultimately on patients. By being a strategic partner, I help contribute to the medical strategy and business needs by closing the gaps in education. Over my career as a pharmacist, I have precepted and mentored many junior pharmacists, fellows, and students. I am currently a preceptor for the Rutgers PharmD Fellowship program where I teach the fellow about IME and help them understand the nuances of the pharma industry. I’m also a mentor for the Alliance Mentorship Program where I spend time coaching my mentee and giving her work advice. Being a mentor is my way of paying it forward as I have been very fortunate to have great mentors in my life.

Finally, as a member of the Alliance Board of Directors, I will stay informed about the latest developments in the field of continuing education and help raise awareness about the importance of continuing education. Both are essential for advancing the Alliance's vision and mission and helping the Alliance create a more effective and impactful learning environment for its members.