Melissa Wiles Position Statement

I am writing to self-nominate for a position on the Alliance Board of Directors, leveraging my 23 years of dedicated experience in continuing medical education (CME). My journey includes roles such as CME Coordinator, Program Director, Vice President of Educational Design, and most recently, President of my own company, Iridium Continuing Education.

These roles have granted me invaluable insights into the multifaceted aspects of healthcare education, equipping me with a holistic perspective that spans compliance, program management, and innovative educational design, interprofessional collaborative partnerships, and leadership and strategic orientation. Additionally, this comprehensive experience has given me insight into strategic planning, business development, budgeting, financial review and organizational dynamics.

My background, diverse leadership roles and significant achievements, uniquely positions me to contribute to the Alliance's mission. Notably, I have served as a CME coordinator, successfully achieving initial accreditation, and securing accreditation with commendation for two agencies. This experience attests to my knowledge and commitment to accreditation standards.

Furthermore, I’m passionate about giving back through volunteer efforts within the Medical Education Industry. This is evident in my leadership roles, such as 2022 MECCA Co-Chair, 2023 Chair of the Alliance Mentorship Program, and spearheading the 2023-2024 Career Pathways Series and as the NAMEC Board of Directors. These experiences showcase my dedication to nurturing collaboration. Through these roles, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with professionals from diverse MECs. Through collaborative initiatives, we transcend competition and work together towards a greater purpose.

One of my most cherished volunteer roles has been serving as the Mentorship Program Chair within the Alliance. This program has transformative impact on individuals, the organization, and the broader healthcare education community. The bonds created transcend professional relationships and evolve into genuine connections. This, in turn, strengthens the Alliance's network and reinforces its reputation as a welcoming and supportive community.

My dedication to implementing andragogy, experiential learning, and transformational approaches directly aligns with the Alliance's commitment to delivering impactful education. I have pioneered fresh approaches that push the boundaries of traditional learning methods. I was at the forefront of integrating social media into medical education and creating interactive programs that transcend conventional norms. Interactive online and live programs including pathophysiology puzzles, reverse escape rooms, and virtual hub and spoke mentorship programs – these are just a few examples of my innovative initiatives that have redefined how medical education can engage, inspire, and meet learners where they are.

Enthusiastically, I am looking forward to the chance to bring my skills, knowledge, and fervor to advance the Alliance's mission and uphold its tradition of excellence. Lastly, I extend my gratitude for your steadfast dedication to the industry.

Thank you for considering my self-nomination.