Learning Collaboratives

Concepts in Practice Series - Alliance Learning Collaboratives

Collaboratives in Action:  Learning Together How and When a Collaborative Model Makes Sense

December 8, 2021
3-5 pm ET

Collaboratives are an umbrella term that can include terms like learning collaboratives, practice collaboratives, communities of practice, learning communities and quality improvement collaboratives (to name a few).  While the specific definitions, structures and formality of these collaboratives can vary significantly, they are all designed to bring a group together in a common effort to obtain or create knowledge and/or accomplish a specific goal.  Rather than a traditional “top-down” approach, they are intended to leverage the sharing of our individual expertise through social connectedness and peer-to-peer learning, and are often used as a mechanism for both innovation and dissemination of knowledge. 

This session will put this collaborative model in action, bringing together a community of education professionals who have experience in or want to learn about learning collaboratives and communities.  A panel of participants will share their experience with learning collaboratives - either as staff or participants – to describe the model, challenges, benefits, outcomes and learnings of their collaborative experiences which range from smaller informal communities to larger, formal programs.   These will not be formal presentations “from the experts,” but a discussion between participants of their experiences, from which we can all identify common themes and learnings.  If you don’t have experience, or aren’t sure if your experience applies, come and listen and join in as you feel comfortable. 

Session Objectives

As a result of this activity, participants will be able to:

  • Experience a collaborative model as a participant
  • Describe a variety of models for learning collaboratives or communities
  • Identify potential benefits and challenges of a learning collaborative model
  • Determine whether there is an opportunity for leveraging or implementing a collaborative model